SoccerSketch 2.5

Creates training drills for soccer and exports them as images
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Choose from more than 100 vector images and create training drills for your own soccer team to illustrate what you want your players to accomplish. The tool saves your creations in the JPEG format and includes the ability to add text comments to your illustrations.

SoccerSketch offers soccer trainers a free, open-source utility to help them change their traditional hand-drawn drill sketches into pro-looking graphics that they can share easily with their players and colleagues. The program comes with 120 vector graphics that trainers can combine as needed to explain their drills in a clean and more convenient way.

The advantages of stopping using a blackboard to sketch soccer drills, moving towards a digital tool such as SoccerSketch are manifold. On the one hand, they can be stored to build a database of digital sketches that can be reused, modified, and improved at any time. On the other hand, this program offers users the possibility of producing high-quality lightweight JPEG images of any of the drills in the database, which means that they can be sent via e-mail to players or other trainers for quick and easy distribution. These images can also be used to create dynamic presentations, showing the various steps involved on a specific drill. Drills can also be printed out, either in full color or making use of the program’s “Printer Friendly” option, which produces convenient black and white versions of the images for quicker, inexpensive printouts.

The program’s extensive collection of vector images include not only a wide selection of players in any gesture and posture you can think of, but also images of soccer balls, cones, arrows and other accessories. The only thing one misses here is the possibility of adding comments to the drills. This could be useful when storing sketches for future use, and also when sharing the original files with players and colleagues.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive interface with nice graphics
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Graphics can be rotated, enlarged, and flipped
  • Exports your drills as JPEG images for easy distribution


  • You cannot add comments to the drill sketches
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